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Green House Gardening

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Introduction to Greenhouse and growing crops in your greenhouse throughout the year

Farmers are cultivating under cover since centuries. It is believed that the modern greenhouse was first built in Italy around 13th century. They used it for growing exotic plant which Italian explorer brought with them. Greenhouse farming is an excellent way of expanding your cultivation area as well as growing season. It also helps you to grow the plants, which didn’t survive in your climate. Especially that plant which couldn’t endure the adverse climate during chilly autumn, winter and early spring.

Not only that, greenhouse also protect plant from hail storm, dust storm and other adverse atmospheric conditions.

Light and temperature management of greenhouses helps to turn infertile land intothe  fertile land, thereby enhance the food production in non-arable areas.

Greenhouse is basically related with heat. During hotter days a well-managed green house obtains heat directly from sun. While in winter season, with the help of artificial means green houses are heated and insulating it from chilly wind. There are wide varieties of heating system available in the market to heat the greenhouse. One of them is the central heating system which based on circulation of heated water through pipes. Water heating is done with the help of coal, gas, wood, etc. Aside from this, there are other heating systems like portable radiator, fan heaters, paraffin burners, etc, which used to warm greenhouse.

As greenhouses help certain plants to grow around the year, its getting importance in cold countries. One of the largest greenhouse complexes is located at Almeria, Spain, which covers almost 50,000 Acers also popular as sea of plastic.

Growing crops throughout the year in your greenhouse

If you are interested in growing crops in your greenhouse throughout the year, then here are some tips, which help you to grow crops round the year in your greenhouse..

Defending against frost

If you are looking for cultivation of crops throughout the year in your greenhouse, then the first step you require to take is to shield your plant from frost. This is a pretty easier job in case of heated greenhouse. On the other hand, if the delicate crops are allowed to keep over winter in an unheated greenhouse, then there is a fair chance of the crops getting damaged by frost.

Here are some tips, which can help you to protect your crop from frost-

The first step is to cover your greenhouse with the clear bubble wrap. Clear bubble wrap act as an insulator and it helps to retain heat as well as also permits light to enter within; it is very vital during chilly weather as heat radiates out during chilly night

Another way is you can enhance your ‘daylight’ hours with the help of artificial lighting, but this method is little expensive and installing process is pretty complicated.

Next alternative is to install a portable heater, it could keep your unheated greenhouse warm. For utmost efficiency, you need to keep on it in the minimum during night hours. If you insulate your greenhouse along with heating, you will get much better results.

Heated propagators are also quite necessary for cultivating plants inside your greenhouse, as these propagators trigger the seed germination process before require a level of temperature arrives inside the greenhouse.

What to grow

It is not very hard task to find out right crop to grow inside your greenhouse. The vital point is to select a series of edible crops which you can grow in rotating manner with the change of the season. First of all note down what you want to grow and normal growing season of the crops, but avoid growing delicate plants. Consider about maximum benefit from the plant you grow because the greenhouse space is premium one.

Growing in winter season in your greenhouse

For most cultivator winter counted as ‘quiet time’ for growing crops. However, it is correct that plants grow significantly slow in winter time, but it doesn’t mean that you need to stop altogether.

In the beginning of winter, you can grow early carrots considering the upcoming season. Instead of growing them in pots or in land, use grow-bags for cultivation which you used to grow during earlier growing season. To obtain constant harvesting of carrots, you need to plant another row of carrots about mid-winter.

This season is also ideal for growing salad leaves like lettuce in your module seed trays. Early potatoes can be a good choice, but protective measure should be taken to shield it from frost.

If you own a heated propagator, then you can consider of growing early cabbages, leeks, Brussels sprouts in your greenhouse. You can plant summer cauliflower in module seed tray.

What to do in spring

During spring the first thing, you have to do is that you have to harvest lettuce that you grow during winter and plant tomatoes in those modules. Grow more lettuce and summer cabbages in your module seed tray.

Spring is an excellent season of growing onion and shallots in your greenhouse, Use shallot trays covered them with soil and plant onion and shallots. Measure should be taken to maintain these trays moist and warm.

During mid spring, you can consider about sowing heat loving plants like sweet corns and pepper. Growing melon and cucumber can be a good alternative.

During late spring take care of tomato plant which you have grown during early spring. It’s time to prune your tomato plants, if require change the pot

Growing plants during summer

Summer is a most favorable season for greenhouse owners as there are long days. The greenhouses are rocking during this time. They are laden with vegetables and other crops. Aside from heat loving plants like melon and cucumbers you can consider about growing herbs for over wintering.


Autumn is a period of abundance if you look outside greenhouse. However, outside the greenhouse, it is fruiting season or crops are at prior stage of harvesting, at the same time within the greenhouse the crops are at the end of their season. Even as you are still able to harvest your fruit and vegetable plants, this is the period to consider about emptying your greenhouse and time to clean up. It is time to prepare for over wintering and the planting of next season’s early crop

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