Best Self Watering Planters – 2021 Buying Guide

#2 – Window Garden Aquaphoric Self Watering Planter (7″) + Fiber Soil

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Self Watering Planter with Fiber SoilThe Window Garden Aquaphoric Self Watering Planter is the result of a Kickstarter project called Micogreenz that took off and grew into a line of products for growing lush plants right at home.

The popular 7″ size is foolproof, even for beginning gardeners, due to its self-water feature that can accommodate plants with a wide range of water demands. It even comes with fiber potting soil to make it handy and complete whether you buy it for yourself or a gift.

Aquaphoric planters come in 12 lively colors that include fuchsia, chartreuse, wine, and purple, along with more sedate ivory, blue, and black. All of which will complement a variety of decor.



  • Includes 2 quarts of potting soil
  • Versatile for a wide range of plants
  • Makes a great gift
  • Reasonably priced
  • Handy water level indicator


  • Soil has no nutrients, so plant food is needed at once
  • Small water reservoir


  • 7” x 7” x6 .5”
  • Self-watering with water level indicator
  • Sleek lines in 12 available colors
  • For indoor use

Size of the Water Reservoir

The Aquaphoric planter uses the principle of hydroponics to give plants roots just the right combination of water and oxygen that allows their roots to spread naturally and promotes growth. The reservoir on this pot is relatively small. Still, its effectiveness in watering a wide variety of plants indicates that the size is just right.

Oxygen Circulation

The pot comes packaged with 2 quarts of coco fiber potting soil to ensure that roots can breathe. The soil quickly wicks up the water and keeps the soil from being too wet and compacted, potentially damaging the roots through overwatering. The instructions clearly explain how to wet the soil, add it to the plant, and assemble the planter and water indicator. (This is important, as assembling it wrong can lead to dangerous overwatering.)

Ease of Use

The water indicator is straightforward to read. Amazon reviewers noted that they go a week without water, and the payoff is that even hard-to-grow plants thrive with this system.

Right near the water level indicator is a place to add the water when needed.


Regularly priced at $17 on Amazon, these occasionally have coupons that make the planter an even better value. (As of this writing, the price is 25% off.) The regular price is attractive enough to encourage you to buy multiples.

Comparison to Other Self-Water Planters

Not only is the Aquaphoric effective and easy to use, it comes with its own supply of soil to ensure that the pot does what it promises. This pot and others made by the company are relatively small – a limitation if you have bigger plants. For bigger plants, you might want to look at the Santino line or, for even more choice, the Lechuza.


The combination of price, color, function, and knowledge you are helping a small business make the Aquaphonic a good choice if you need a smaller, versatile planter.

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And finally, our #1 pick for the best self watering planter is…


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