Best Self Watering Planters – 2021 Buying Guide

#1 – Lechuza 13183 Classico Color 21 Self-Watering Planter

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Self Watering Garden PlanterLechuza, a German company, makes a range of self-watering planters arguably among the best in all categories, including indoor and outdoor, tall and short, garden box, round and square, table and hanging.  One of the most versatile choices is the 13170 Classico Color 21 self-watering planter – even though you might drool over the 13837 Cubeto Color Bowl 30-Quartz White Indoor/Outdoor Planter (perfect for disc gardens) or the intriguing Lechuza 13360 Puro 20 Texture Self-Watering Garden Planter, an 8″ ball that comes in black, white, or lime,

Available in slate, white, nutmeg, and garnet, this rounded 9″ x 8″ planter is good for table or patio plants, indoors or out. It is shatterproof, UV-resistant, and tolerant of frost. There are versions of this pot that measure 11″, 17″, 24″, and 28″ when you need a large or tall self-watering planter.


  • Clearly written instructions for use
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • Easy to care for
  • Even watering due to Lechuza Pon substrate in every pot


  • Pricey, especially in larger sizes
  • Roots take about 3 months to grow into the substrate


  • Water level indicator
  • Water supply shaft
  • Lechuza-Pon, their specially-formulated plant substrate, as a separating layer
  • Separator
  • Drain plugs (remove for outdoor use)

Size of the Water Reservoir

This Classico Color 28 planter holds 27 ounces of water, but the reservoir size increases as the pot get bigger. The 43 model, which is 15.5″ tall, holds 1.5 gallons.

The length of time between times where you have to fill up the reservoir depends on the size and location of the plants, along with temperature and humidity.

Oxygen Circulation

Because aerating plant roots is essential, Lechuza pots come with a specially-formulated plant substrate, Lechuza Pon, which separates your potting soil from the water reservoir. Your plant roots are aerated, as well as nourished, and provided with just the right among of moisture.

The planter has a drainage plug to remove excess rainwater for outdoor use, so the Classico Color works well for annuals, blooming plants, and foliage.

Ease of Use

The pot has a water level indicator on top, so you can see when it is time to water again.

Lechuza planters advise that you should water from the top, right on the soil at first, to let the plants roots grow into the substrate before relying on the self-watering feature. (This can take about 12 weeks, but the Classico will take care of your plants for years.)  Once the roots have taken hold, you still add water from the top in the fill tube near the indicator.


Convenience is not cheap. The Lechuza Classico 21 runs $32 on Amazon, but larger versions go all the way up to $198 for the 28″ size. Suppose you consider the cost of replacing plants that die from a lack of water. In that case, this planter is a good investment – especially as the substrate material is included.

Comparison to Other Self-Water Planters

These planters are great in the long run. Still, they require that you let the root system develop in the substrate before getting the full benefits of the self-watering feature. If you need an immediate solution, you might consider pots by GardenBasix, Mkuno, or Alotpower that use a wicking system.


Lechuza pots are more costly than some other brands. However, they have revolutionized plant ownership and paid for themselves with hearty, healthy plants.

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