Best Perennials for Bees to Plant in Your Garden

Why Plant the Best Perennials for Bees in Your Garden?

Best perennials for bees lavanderFlowers are always an asset for a garden. They look great and their smell is always welcoming.

At the same time, planting flowers is great for nature as a whole since they attract bees to the garden.

The flowers that attract pollinators are highly beneficial for the garden, with perennials for bees being preferred since they are a particularly good food source.

Below you can learn about some of the best perennials for bees.

They are perfect for your pollinator garden and will attract bees together with other pollinators such as butterflies while also acting as a very good food source for insects.


8. Echinacea Purpurea – Purple Coneflower

popular bee friendly plants

The purple coneflower is often a star of the pollinator garden. It is great at attracting bees and other beneficial creatures.

This perennial needs full sun and can grow up to a height of 30 inches. It blooms during summer.

7. Asclepias – Milkweed

plants that attract bees and butterflies

Milkweed is beautiful and is highly preferred by people looking for the best perennials for bees. It attracts the stunning Monarch butterfly and its nectar is appreciated by many pollinators.

A huge draw for the plant is its aroma, especially the one coming from the common milkweed.

There are various milkweed varieties you can choose from. The really popular ones are butterfly milkweed, tropical milkweed, and swamp milkweed.

The height of the plant varies from one type to another. For instance, the butterfly milkweed grows up to 3 feet but the common milkweed can reach a height of 5 feet.

Choose milkweed based on what you like and when it blooms, with some species blooming during July and others blooming during June.


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