How to Pick the Best Indoor Plants | Low Maintenance House Plants

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The Benefits of the Best Indoor House Plants

Plants that are regarded as the best indoor plants fall into that category for a number of reasons. For one thing, some plants are able to survive indoors more effectively than others.

The top indoor plants can survive and thrive indoors, and people don't have to worry about losing them unexpectedly. Most indoor house plants are easy to care for, and it's possible to keep them healthy using comparatively few resources.

Some of the best indoor plants are particularly valuable because they can help with indoor air pollution. Of course, people will also want these plants to be decorative enough, and many indoor flowering plants will certainly look great in pictures.

People can easily find the best indoor house plants for their unique household spaces.

Resilient and Low Maintenance Indoor Plants

Many people are surprised by just how tough golden pothos plants really are. These plants can grow effectively on seemingly zero sunlight, even when it's cold.

These plants are certainly valuable when it comes to air purification. They're capable of defending a household from formaldehyde. Most people will also like their simple green-leafed appearance. It's understandable why they're often ranked among the top indoor house plants.

The peace lily is a good choice for the people who are interested in floral plants that don't really require much effort to maintain. These plants can grow in cool and shaded areas within a person's household. They're excellent at filtering out the air.

Many flowers and flowering plants require more sunlight and resources than the peace lily, which is one of the reasons why indoor house plants are often lacking in flowers.

The peace lily should almost always have everyone covered when it comes to all of their needs, including the decorative ones. It's clear that this is one of the top low maintenance indoor plants.

The Best Indoor Plants With Higher Maintenance Needs

Many people love growing aloe plants indoors. These plants also excel at indoor air filtration. Plenty of people also appreciate the distinctive appearance of the aloe plant. However, this is not a plant that people can put in a shaded corner.

Plants like this do require a lot of sunlight. People whose homes get lots of sunlight and who love leaving their windows open during the day will be able to provide a great habitat for their aloe plants. Aloe plants are among the best indoor plants, as long as people have the right indoor spaces.

Another one of the most popular indoor plants for air filtration is the English ivy plant. English ivy is capable of filtering out some of the most damaging of all household toxins.

People will need moderately warm temperatures for this plant to thrive, of course. English ivy still needs a decent amount of sunlight. However, if people are able to provide an environment with these resources, English ivy will truly be one of the most beautiful indoor plants for anyone.

The Best Gardening Info

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2 thoughts on “How to Pick the Best Indoor Plants | Low Maintenance House Plants

  1. I grow the English ivy and peace lily indoor. They are really great air purifiers and I especially love the peace lily. It doesn’t cost much to maintain and is a good and pretty indoor plant.

    1. Hi Lillian. Thank you for your comment! It is also wonderful to hear from our readers.

      The peace lily is one of my favorite indoor plants. It’s beautiful and adds a lot of fullness to a room. You are correct that they are very easy to maintain. A great indoor plant for beginner gardeners!

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