Best Self Watering Planters – 2021 Buying Guide

If you love plants but sometimes forget to water them – or take frequent trips that take you out of town for days at a time, self-watering planters are a great option for you.

These special containers bathe plants with moisture and can keep plants adequately hydrated for days, even weeks.

We've spent weeks, testing, reviewing, and researching additional user reviews to put together our list of the best self-watering planters. With a range of models for houseplants, outdoor flower pots, hanging baskets, or vegetable gardens, you're bound to find a model that fits your budget or decor.

Peruse our top picks below before making your purchase decision.

But before we dive into our top picks, let's first review the details of self watering planters and what you should look for.


Our Approach To Finding The Best Self-Watering Planters

Self-watering planters come in different sizes and shapes to suit the plant you are rehoming. They also come in different colors to match your home decor. What's most important is picking a planter that meets your plant's water needs while convenient for you.

Size of the Water Reservoir

Not all self-watering planters are created equal in the amount of water they hold, nor do all plants require an equal amount of water. Some might need less frequent watering and, in fact, do best when the soil dries out between watering; too much water can cause root rot in plants such as succulents, cacti, orchids, and others. Before selecting the best planter, make sure you know the moisture requirements of the plants that will call the container home.

If you have plants that would do well with an automated watering system, make sure to select containers that can hold enough water for 7-10 days or more. Experiment with the planter for a couple of weeks before you go on vacation or otherwise abandon the plant to make sure it delivers water in a way that benefits their water preferences. Those that need to dry out before absorbing more water might need a pot with a small to medium reserve.

Oxygen Circulation

Plant growth depends on having enough oxygen as well as water, light, and humidity. If plant roots are overwhelmed with too much water, they can rot and kill the plants. To prevent this, select a good self-watering pot with a divider between the water reservoir and the soil surrounding your plant's roots. This will give the plant both needed water and breathing room.

Ease of Use

The filling mechanism should be convenient to reach. The pot should have a water level indicator that shows how much water the plant has left or an indicator that the plant is dry. While you can pick up small pots and judge the remaining water by eyeballing it or by the weight of the pot, this is impractical for tall, heavy plants.

Other Factors to Consider

Size and Color

Pots are available in every size, style, and color, so you can choose what you like and what size the plant needs.


Self-watering planters start at just a few dollars for pots with wicking systems into the hundreds for large pots with more complex setups. A sound system can prolong the life of a plant indefinitely.


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