Best Self Watering Planters – 2021 Buying Guide

#5 – GardenBasix Self Watering Pots – Window Box for Indoor Plants – Set of 6

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Suppose you want to try self-watering indoor planters but are concerned about the high cost of rehoming your family of plants. In that case, GardenBasix offers a set of six pots for an economical $27. The bundle includes three 5″ pots that are 6″ high, plus three oblong planters that measure 11″ x 4.7″ x 5.5″ that all work with a wicking system with capillary action.

Absorbent strips of cloth are looped through holes in the planter's inner liner, which soak up water from the bottom of the pot to keep the soil wet and the roots hydrated through capillary action.


Using any absorbent material, you can make your own DIY self-watering planters. Still, companies like GardenBasix have the design down pat.


  • A simple solution to deliver water to the roots
  • Economical
  • Set includes orange, green, and taupe liner in white outer liners
  • Simple design
  • East to view water level


  • Water viewfinder may be hard to see
  • Pots are small, so plants may have to be repotted frequently


  • Six pots in two sizes in colors, but product available with all-green and all-orange containers
  • Self-water via absorbent cloths with wicking action
  • Visible water level window for assessing water level
  • Water stored at the bottom below the internal pot

Size of the Water Reservoir

While the reservoir's capacity is not given, there appears to be an inch between the liner and the outer pot. Users attest you can go several days between watering.

Oxygen Circulation

By providing the right amount of water, these self-watering pots also allow the proper amount of oxygen. This encourages roots to grow deep, not just laterally, by sucking up water poured on top of the soil.

Ease of Use

After you pour water into the water injection, you can see how much water is in the reservoir through a water level window on the side of the container, near the bottom. When it is running low, you can fill up the reservoir again through the port.


As noted above, GardenBasix offers this set of six for $27. They have other selections that offer comparable values.

Comparison to Other Self-Water Planters

The GardenBasix set offers a unique value to meet your gardening needs for plants and even herbs. The company has other size variations that are also reasonably priced. Lvetek offers a similar deal on a pack for six pots in varied sizes. However, they use a rope wick rather than absorbent fabric.


If you want economy and style in a well-designed planter, you might give GardenBasix a try. Their pricing may make you more willing to provide self-watering planters a shot.

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