Types of Houseplant Pests

houseplant pests

Houseplant Pests are a Real Problem

Outdoor plants will often experience more problems with pests than indoor plants. However, that doesn't mean that indoor plants are immune to pest problems. There are plenty of houseplant pests that people might need to fight at some point.

Some of the worst household pests are also problematic for outdoor plants. Aphids are like that.

In many cases, aphids are so small that it can be difficult to detect problems with them in time. However, these tiny bugs can still cause severe issues.

Whiteflies can also present a major issue for the people who want to look after their houseplants.

These creatures drain houseplants of their sap. It's possible for whiteflies to breed very quickly as well, and this only makes them more effective at damaging household plants.

Coping with spider mite infestations can be particularly difficult to handle. These creatures will produce layers of webbing on houseplants, which can be very off-putting for most people.

It is possible to save plants from spider mites and other household pests, but the process of getting rid of them can still be unpleasant.

Eliminating Houseplant Pests

Once people have identified the presence of household pests, they can start getting rid of them. There are horticultural oils that can be used to get rid of a wide range of different household pests, including harmful whiteflies.

Other people might use special insecticidal soap in order to get rid of houseplant pests. Some people can actually use cloths treated with rubbing alcohol in order to get rid of the pests that are threatening their plants.

Plants that are infested with spider mites will have to be rinsed off before they're treated with anything. Still, there is no reason to throw away any plants just because of a houseplant pest infestation.

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