The Best Flower Bed Ideas for the Front of Your House

Flower Bed Ideas for the Front of Your House, Front Yard Flower Beds, Curb Appeal

4 Tips for Creating Stunning Flower Bed Ideas for the Front of Your House

Create a front yard that your neighbors will envy with these four easy to do tips. These flower bed ideas for the front of your house will have your neighbors talking for years to come with the proper location design, flower selection, and maintenance.

Selecting a Location for Your Flower Bed

Dressing up across the entire front of your house with a long flower bed is a great idea. It brings out the design features on your home and accents the front of your house in a magnificent way.

A driveway flower bed elongates your driveway and appears to set your house back from the roadway. The driveway flower bed in the front of your house can connect to any flower bed that goes across the front of your house to create a more uniform look and packs a powerful punch.

How to Design Front Yard Flower Beds

The connection of the driveway and the front of the house flower beds leads us to the overall design of the front of the house flower beds.

While that is one choice, there is also the middle of the yard flower beds that can be added that can add dimension and style to an everyday yard. An hourglass figure always seems to be an appealing an desired option for the front of the house flower beds.

Many designs can be incorporated together and rightfully should be. Without overdoing it, two to three designs should be sufficient for the average front yard.

The Top Flower Selection for Your Front Yard

Flower selection will primarily depend on the location of the front of the flower beds. Taking into consideration the amount of sun and shade your flower bed will get each day, you can pick your annual or perennials that you want to grow throughout the season.

Annuals will only bloom for one season whereas the perennials will come back every year. Thus, mix them up throughout your bed and be sure to note the color selections as you mix them up to ensure that you are getting a colorful bed or the colors that you desire.

Some bulbs change colors as they mature such as tulips.

Best Practices for Maintaining Flower Beds

Once you have your front of the house flower bed planted and on its merry way, your hardest job will come into play.

The maintenance is always the hardest part and includes regular weeding and watering. You want to be sure not to allow the weeds and grass to overcome your flower bed. It can easily and quickly become a nuisance.

Typically you will water your garden two to three times a week depending on the weather and the feel of the soil. However, if the soil feels dry to the touch, your front of the house garden will need water.

Never water your garden with heavy water flow. Watering it slowly with soft water flow is best for the tender plant leaves and blooming flowers.

With proper care and attention, these flower bed ideas for the front of your house will last all season and for years to come depending on your selection and designs.

Take good care of your plants and your neighbors and friends will think you have a gardener that has become your best friends.

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