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Amaryllis Care

The captivating beauty of the amaryllis has made it a household favorite over the years and the ease of amaryllis care contributes to this.

Contrary to traditionally gorgeous plants like Roses or Tulips, these plants are extremely easy to grow, whether indoors or outdoors, so long as they get ample sunlight.

Here are a few tips for amaryllis care, from bulb to full bloom!

Planting and Growing the Amaryllis Bulb

Amaryllis seeds are actually rotund bulbs. Upon purchasing, you should immediately inspect, favoring large sized and defect-free ones. After picking these bulbs, soak them in lukewarm water for a few hours, in preparation for planting.

When they're ready, you can either choose to plant them in your garden or in a pot, but be sure to have bought nutrient-rich compost from your local garden supply store. This nutritious soil will allow your amaryllis plants to flower and grow beyond your imagination!

Bury the bulb in about half an inch of soil. Be sure to plant in a place that receives about six hours of sunlight a day, and is not prone to cold drafts.

Water the bulbs very sparingly. As the stem begins to grow and rise up out of the soil, water more frequently. At this point, the amaryllis will grow crazily, like nothing you've ever seen before.

Just keep watering it and ensure it gets enough sunlight, and before you know it, your amaryllis will be in full bloom! They usually take about eight weeks to fully bloom, so be patient, and you'll soon be rewarded.

Amaryllis Care After the Bloom

Oh no! It is now past bloom prime time and your amaryllis petals are wilting, what do you do?

Don't worry, this goodbye is not for good. Prune your plant by either purchasing a sharp pair of scissors or a special plant pruner at your local home supply store and start snipping! First, prune all the flowers from the plant; when the stem starts wilting, snip that too. Your amaryllis may look a little naked now, but just keep watering.

First, prune all the flowers from the plant; when the stem starts wilting, snip that too. Your amaryllis may look a little naked now, but just keep watering.

When the plant begins to sprout leaves, slowly cut off all water from it. This will dry up the plant, forcing the bulbs to go dormant. Remove the bulbs from the soil and store in a cool, dark place for no less than eight weeks.

After the time has elapsed, you may now repeat the process all over again.

For those who do not live in tropical areas, however, be sure to coordinate with the weather, as summer and spring are the seasons where this plant thrives.

See? Amaryllis care is surprisingly simple and cost-effective. Once you know what you're doing. B

y putting these tips into proper practice, you can be an amaryllis master and have these lovely plants adorning and beautifying either your home or the outdoors!

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