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Different Types of Orchids

The Different Types of Orchids

There are about thirty thousand species of orchids. They'll vary tremendously when it comes to their appearance. Some of them grow both indoors and outdoors, while others have difficulty flourishing in an indoor environment.

While some types of orchids are more popular than others, there aren't a lot of orchids that could be considered truly unpopular.

People who don't have a lot of experience with raising flowers will often try to raise different types of orchids initially. The fact that these flowers are so resilient should only make them more popular with beginners.

However, since there are many different types of orchids, you will want to do your research first and find the one that best fits your home.

Cattleya Orchids

Since there are so many orchid species, trying to find the quintessential orchid species is going to be difficult. However, when a lot of people picture orchids, they're specifically imagining Cattleya orchids.

Classic corsages were often made from Cattleya orchids. These orchids are more resilient than most. This is why using them to make corsages was practical. They won't need sustained direct sunlight in order to grow, although they'll still need light.

It's actually not a good idea to expose Cattleya orchids in very high levels of sunlight. Thus, you may need to provide shade in order to help Cattleya orchids grow properly if the environment is very sunny.

While there are many different types of orchids, the Cattleya orchids will probably always be the most popular orchids that anyone can raise. On that basis alone, a lot of people will want to continue to grow their own, and they'll have a relatively easy time with it.

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Boat Orchids

Some types of orchids can thrive indoors, and boat orchids belong in that category. They're also known as Cymbidium orchids. They have large flowers with distinctive and intricate patterns.

There aren't any blue boat orchids, but otherwise, it's possible to find them in any color. They'll last for up to ten weeks, and it's relatively easy to raise them.

Boat orchids grow effectively when exposed to medium light levels. People with east-facing windowsills should be able to successfully raise boat orchids indoors.

Most boat orchids will bloom when the spring months start. Boat orchids are stronger than many other orchids since they can still bloom when it's relatively cool and dry.

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Odontoglossum Orchids

These orchids have a very striking appearance. The people who love orchids often specifically adore Odontoglossum orchids. People interested in planting orchids indoors will probably love them just as much.

These orchids only need medium levels of light, which is one of the reasons why it is possible to grow them indoors in the first place.

It's actually possible for these flowers to get visibly sunburned. Thus makes sure to grow them on a northern-facing windowsill.

It's possible to grow orchids like these in relatively low temperatures, which is one of the reasons why a lot of people grow Odontoglossum orchids.

Temperatures in the mid-sixties and mid-seventies on the Fahrenheit scale will be perfect for these orchids. Most people feel comfortable with this temperature range in general, and lots of homes will have a temperature range like this already.

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