The Most Popular House Plants

It's no state secret that a house plant is one of the best things you can buy to liven up your space.

With so many options and varieties out there, how do you know what to get and which ones are best for you? (Not to mention, which ones are great at not dying on you.)

With a little love, sun, and water- these popular house plants are sure to thrive!

Rubber Tree – Easy Care Popular House Plants

Available in beautiful varieties, Ficus elastica is a tropical tree that is native to parts of China and Southeast Asia. Judging from the name, yes- this is the plant that produces the sap that makes latex rubber. (Well, it was till synthetics became available.)

Another amazing use for this plant is that in Indonesia, rubber plant roots are trained to trail over dead tree trunks that are placed across rivers. As this trunk rots, the roots become thicker and eventually form a passable bridge for the locals! Talk about a plant with many uses!


Rubber trees are on the popular house plants list for a reason, they look amazing and are generally easy-going- in fact, it might just be the most easy-going of all the indoor trees. They can tolerate low light, most humidity levels, and do not require frequent watering.

Rubber Tree General Care Guide


Does well in bright to medium indirect light. Direct bright light is okay too, but leaves tend to burn when temperatures exceed 85°F (30°C)


Allow the soil to dry out and water only once a week or a week and a half. Also note that the warmer and brighter the room, the more you will have to water this plant.

Humidity Levels

Humidity is no issue for this hardy house plant, any humidity level is okay.


When consumed, rubber tree sap is poisonous to pets and humans. Keep out of reach of children and pets.


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