Gardening Tips: How to Plant Peach Seeds in 7 Steps

how to plant peach seeds

First, there’re specific tips to consider before planting the peach seeds or peach pits. Below are some examples.

  • Plant during the full sun period.
  • The germination process takes less than three months; hence, you need patience.
  • To avoid rotting, don’t soak the roots in water.
  • Do grafting for preferred results.
  • The soil should be well-drained to prevent flooding.
  • Use a nutcracker to remove the endocarp.

Here is a simple planting guide and a few vital peach fruit benefits.

7 Simple Steps on How to Plant Peach Seeds  

You will require some materials and tools, as listed below.


  • Refrigerator
  • Vegetable scrubber
  • Nutcracker
  • Plastic bag


  • Fungicide
  • Potting soil
  • Peach peed or peach pit
  • Bleach

Step-by-Step Planting Process

Step 1 – Peach Fruit Grafting

First, gather all the vital tools and materials.

Before planting, you need to experiment to find out whether the seed will germinate and if the soil is ideal.

It will determine the type of peach fruit that grows in your location. Experts do plant grafting from various peach fruits to produce their preferred fruit.

Step 2 – Prepare Peach Seeds

  • Dry your seed after cleaning it to prevent mold growth.
  • Grab a vegetable scrubber and get rid of any fruit residues.
  • Dip the grain in water and bleach solution of ratio 10:1.
  • Dry air the seed for a few days.
  • Apply fungicide to prevent mildew or mold growing on the seed.

Bonus Point

Before planting, you can opt to crack your seed using a nutcracker. The removal of the endocarp speeds up germination.

Step 3 – Germination Process

There’re several safe ways you can sprout your tree. Here are a few examples.

  • Example #1

Planting during the fall is the best time. Insert the seeds 3-4 inches into an organic mix of soil. Spread an inch of mulch to shield the seeds from the cold; keep watering, but don't soak the ground. Be patient and expect a new tree to pop out in spring.

  • Example #2

Keep the seed under cool temperatures till early winter. Dip your peach pit in water for less than 2 hours. Transfer it into a plastic bag with some moisture to start the germination process under cold treatment. You can use a refrigerator and regulate the temperature to reach between 35 and 50 degrees Fahrenheit.

Note that different varieties have different growth periods. You'll know whether you succeeded after three weeks to three months.

Experts insist on planting various peach pits for multiple sprout growth. Most seeds need cold temperatures to germinate, so do peach seeds.

peach pit

Step 4 – Potting Soil

Your organic material mixture should be ready by now. Slide-out the sprout from the plastic bag, use a suitable container 12 inches deep with proper drainage. The deeper the tin, the better the roots will grow. Plant it 1 inch deep and water it often to keep it moist and healthy.

Step 5 – Hardening the Peach Seedling

When you notice some taproots and fresh leaves, the pant is ready for some outdoor exposure under the shade. This unique process hardens the seedling. Gradually increase the exposure duration to allow the plant to acclimatize to outside temperatures and sun.

Begin by placing it outside for three hours; add a little bit of extra time each day that goes by.

Step 6 – Planting the Peach Seed

Once acclimatized to outside exposure, plant your peach tree in well-drained soil. Transplant it in a deep hole to prevent damaging the roots.

Step 7 – Peach Tree Care

You will need proper care and monitoring for your tree to produce quality peach fruits. Inspect it often to spot out plant diseases and pests.

Water the plant often to leave the ground moist but not soaked in water.

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