8 Tips For Keeping Dogs Out Of Your Garden

how to keep dogs out of your garden

Pests aren’t the only unwanted guests in a perfectly pruned garden. Your fresh soil, sweet-smelling flowers, and tasty vegetables are just too tempting for dogs to ignore.

Whether your neighbor’s dog has hopped the fence or a wild dog has snuck its way into your garden, you may find your newly planted flowers turned upside down on their heads.

Carry on reading to find out how to keep dogs out of your garden.

8 tips to keep dogs out of a garden

Although some dogs are little angels, you might find your own dog creating complete chaos in your garden.

But don’t convince yourself your new puppy is naughty. Destructive behavior is typical in unsupervised puppies and completely normal. In fact, with their sniffing, scratching, and burying instincts, it’s usual for a dog to attack your garden.

But don’t worry, we’ve got 8 tips to keep your dog out of your garden.

Check them out below.

1. How do you keep a dog out of a certain area?

Are you lucky enough that your dog only struts and sniffs through your garden? Does your dog leave your flowers and veggies alone? If so, go ahead and carve out a path for them to make sure they keep their pee parties off your veggies.

Try laying down mulch, bark, or even a spare chunk of carpet along your pet’s most commonly used route. Some slight alteration to your garden is better than a puppy that keeps crashing into your Tulips.

Adding a border or fence to your veggies or plants is ideal for keeping that doggy out of your garden. Chicken wire is a cheap and easy option for blocking plant or vegetable patches.

But, if you fancy something prettier, why not install a feature fence.

2. How to keep dogs out of your flower beds?

Knowing how to keep dogs out of your garden is simple if your garden is big enough. Build your dog a fenced play area. Just make sure it’s roomy enough for them to run around and play with toys. Of course, they need to be able to do their business too.

If you’re still trying to protect your grass, don’t give your dog a bone that he could bury. Instead, offer your dog rawhide free treats and sticks to keep them entertained.

3. What is an excellent natural dog repellent?

Of course, you don’t want to hurt the little intruder. Dogs are just doing what comes naturally to them. However, you can keep dogs out of your garden with a taste of the bitter stuff. Dogs hate bitter tastes.

Make your own easy, cheap, and natural dog deterrent by dissolving bitter orange on top of used coffee grounds. Then sprinkle it on your flower beds, vegetable patches, and lawn.

Bitter orange stands up far better against rain than pepper or mustard seeds, mainly because it is oil-heavy and does not wash away easily.

Coffee grounds are also a perfect fertilizer for your garden. What a win-win.

4. What can you spray on plants to keep dogs away?

Your plants and vegetables are a sweet-smelling oasis for dogs. An easy way to keep dogs out of gardens is to make them smell a lot less sweet. Spraying pungent odors on your flower or vegetable gardens is an easy, natural, and cheap way to keep dogs out of a garden.

Spray strong-smelling apple bitters or white vinegar. Another option to deter dogs and other plant-eating pests is planting marigolds between your vegetable rows.

5. What can I put on my lawn to keep dogs off?

Smelly odors and coffee mixed with orange bitters is not the only thing you can use to keep dogs out of a garden.

There’s a reason dogs try to eat your chocolate and sweets. They love sweet-tasting treats and hate anything bitter tasting.

Try sprinkling red pepper flakes or powdered mustard around and near your plants. Dogs have better memories than you realize, one sniff and lick of those nasty tastes, and they’ll be put off another.

6. How can I deter dogs from fouling on my grass?

It’s not only kiddies who hate the shower; dogs are not fans of water either. So if you find yourself with a sprinkler system or can set one up, this is a top option.

A sprinkler system is an entirely pain-free and natural way to keep dogs from fouling on your grass. It’s also pretty funny to watch your pup run a mile when they are suddenly hit with the sprinkler.

7. How to keep dogs out of my flower beds?

Despite their formidable barks, doggies can be massive wimps. They do not like being poked with things. Well, who does?

If you want to keep dogs out of your flower beds, you can use rose or holly bushes branches. Don’t mulch the cuttings; instead, just cut the branches into one-foot-long sticks.

You can then surround your flower beds with spiky cuttings. But don’t forget to wear gloves!

This method is useful when you’re faced with stubborn digger breeds, like Jack Russell Terriers, Dachshunds, and Beagles.

8. Dog proof garden ideas

One of the easiest ways to keep your dog entertained and away from your plants is to keep plenty of dog toys around your garden.

Keeping dogs away from those carefully maintained flower beds and vegetables is easy with a bit of distraction. Scatter stimulating and fun dog toys around your garden to distract your dog with something a bit less messy than digging up your flower bed.

If your dog has something fun and engaging to do, they’ll be less interested in ripping your garden to shreds. Better yet, try those toys where you can hide doggy peanut butter or treats inside.


Along with her many other interests, Sarah is a keen gardener who believes that everyone can learn to use their green thumbs. With a positive impact on mental health and fitness, Sarah wants to encourage everyone to get in their garden this summer.

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