‌ How to Make an Orchid Grow a New Spike

There are several ways to rebloom a new spike of an orchid. First, position it far from the heater but facing the window. Second, use a room with low 55-65 degrees Fahrenheit temperature with enough but indirect light while overwatering it.

The best time to get new growth is at night and in cold weather like winter for both scenarios. This plant has unique features, unlike other species.


Unique Features of an Orchid Plant

  • It is a popular plant in the world except in the Antarctica continent. Hence, there are no shortages of orchids.
  • They do well in rain forests and mountains where temperatures drop at night.
  • New Orchid growers can trace the plant in manufacturing hybrid sites or the wild.
  • They have beautiful flowers; hence, add decor and fragrance to your garden or houseplants.
  • The blooms have diverse colors, sizes, and shapes; thus, they are unique.
  • They grow naturally in Hawaii, Thailand, Mexico, Japan, India, Brazil, etc.
  • Their seeds are incredibly light; thus easy to spread and germinate anywhere, if weather permits.
  • Using an old flower spike, you can produce a new orchid in 3 months.



How to Get Orchid to Rebloom

A blooming new flower spike adds more orchids once or twice a year. However, their growth depends on the type of orchid and location.

Do orchid flowers grow back?

Yes, they do. However, some types take longer to bloom, whereas others are fast. Consider the phalaenopsis orchids to rebloom a new flower spike with speed and ease at home.

The following rebloom tips will help you understand better how to get orchids to reflower.


  • Consider Overwatering

For proper orchid care, you need to provide it with water often or as per the tag instructions. Thus, a medium plant requires watering between 10 to 14 days. While for miniature phalaenopsis orchids, water it for between 7 to 10 days. Ensure your plant does not dry up, nor does it swim in the water.


  • Low Temperatures

Providing new roots with low temperatures is another great tip on how to get multiple stems on an orchid. Therefore, ensure the night weather is between 55-65 degrees Fahrenheit.

In addition, the windowsill has low humidity; hence, you can place the new growth there.


  • Nourish Every Month

Fertilize the new roots every month after it drops the last flower. Orchid fertilizer is the best nourishment you can offer the plant during further growth.


  • Cut the Flower Spike or Stem

Growing orchids' new leaves and orchid care is tricky for beginners. However, with the proper guidelines, you will realize a new spike will emerge within a short span. This process occurs after you prune the flower spike.

For unhealthy spikes to produce new leaves and roots, you'll need to trim them. The perfect way to do it is to get rid of the section after the last node. That is where the new flower will emerge.

However, for dried spikes, cut off near the base of the plant. Use any of these tools, for example, a sterilized clipper, scissor, or razor blade. Leave it alone to bloom again, and be careful to use clean equipment as orchids get infected easily.


  • Monitor Growth of New Leaves

Will orchids rebloom? Yes, spiking for new orchids takes a few months. Hence, take good care while monitoring the growth of the green leaves to get a new spike.


  • Put the Orchids under the Shade

Unlike summertime, put the orchids outside under the shade. Most nights have low temperatures; thus, encouraging a new healthy plant. Monitor the condition to prevent temperatures going beyond 55-65 degrees Fahrenheit.

Note that no orchid will germinate without sunlight or a cold climate.



After the blooming, there are remarkable benefits you can get from orchids. Below are a few examples:

Outstanding Benefits of Orchid Plant after Rebloom

  • The tropical flower fills the atmosphere with healing and stress relief effects. So, if you need to calm down, walk around and trace a garden of orchids for healing and reprieve.
  • They release oxygen while absorbing carbon dioxide. Hence, you get fresh air while close to these unusual flowering plants. Place it in strategic rooms with much traffic both at home and in the office.
  • If you lack sleep, here is something natural to relax your mind and nerves at night. So, arrange some ornamental orchids beside your bed drawer to release biological oxygen.
  • These healthy plants are beautiful with a pleasant decor look. The flowers are outstanding with attractive, friendly colors. Therefore, place a few fresh leaves on the dinner table to emulate fresh air,  instant healing, and beautify the room when hosting guests.
  • If you have issues with your bones or dental care, here is some excellent news. The orchid flower contains magnesium and calcium. The flower stem, orchid roots, and flower buds all have notable roles in your body, such as the physical care below.
  • Boil the orchid roots and drink the mixture to keep fit and reduce body mass. Orchid flower petals can also be used to treat menstrual pain. Boil and drink the orchid buds to treat stubborn UTIs.

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